WhatsApp Users May Soon Have Email Security Feature To Prevent Hacking

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Last Updated: August 04, 2023, 16:39 IST

Email verification could be a useful option

Email verification could be a useful option

The messaging app needs a mobile number to sign in but soon you could have multiple modes to verify the account.

WhatsApp users will soon get another security feature that will help them avoid possible hacking attempts. The platform has started testing the option with its beta users recently, which suggests a public rollout could happen in the coming months.

Generally, if you have to sign into WhatsApp, you have to authenticate the number via an OTP on the registered mobile number, but the messaging app is now offering people the option to verify their account via the email ID as well.

The email option comes in handy if your phone is stolen or you lose access to it for some reason. Having the additional layer of security of email ID ensures that you can log into the account from another device, as long as you can access the mail address.

WhatsApp’s dependence on the mobile number has made it an easy target for scammers, who are easily able to get hold of the details and in some cases, tricks like SIM cloning make it possible to access the account. But having an email verification process is surely a more foolproof mode to secure the account.

As per the details shared by WAbetainfo, the email option is available on the WhatsApp version but that doesn’t necessarily mean the feature will get a public release, as we have seen in the past, WhatsApp could easily decide to junk the option, in favour of something else. Either way it is good to see the platform trying out ways to secure the app, and WhatsApp continues to bring new features at a fast pace these days, making it popular among billions of its users across the globe.

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