Truecaller Launches AI-Powered Assistant In India For Call Screening: How It Works

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Truecaller is finally bringing Assistant to India. (Image: Truecaller)

Truecaller is finally bringing Assistant to India. (Image: Truecaller)

Truecaller has launched its AI-powered Assistant in India, which helps users screen calls and avoid answering them altogether. Here’s how it works.

Many smartphone users, whether they have Android or iOS devices, rely on the Truecaller app for its spam detection services. Now, it appears that the app is doubling down on its commitment to make life simpler by introducing the Truecaller Assistant in India. The service was launched in Australia and the US last September and is finally making its way to India.

Truecaller Assistant answers calls on your behalf when you don’t want to answer them, or when you want to avoid talking to a marketer or a spammer. Truecaller stated that while Caller ID helps identify incoming calls, the Assistant takes it a step further by not only answering the calls but also interacting with the callers.

As anticipated, the Truecaller Assistant uses the company’s AI-powered algorithms to enable call screening, but the service is only available for Android users currently.

Truecaller Assistant: How It Works

If you have the Truecaller Assistant enabled, you can click ‘Assistant’ to screen a call when you receive one. However, if you are unable or unwilling to answer the call, the Assistant will answer it after a few rings.

Truecaller claims that when the call is routed to the Assistant, it first greets the caller and then uses its speech-to-text technology to identify the caller’s identity and the reason for their call. Real-time details of what the caller is saying will then be displayed on your device’s screen—allowing you to decide whether or not to answer the call.

Truecaller Assistant also provides 5 voices, real-time speech-to-text transcription, support for multiple languages, call recording, and custom call greetings for unknown numbers.

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