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Stranger Things: The First Shadow, Phoenix Theatre 

In a nutshell: Netflix’s nostalgic sci-fi mega-hit comes to the stage, in a new story set in the world of 1950s Hawkins co-written by Jack Thorne and directed by Stephen Daldry. 

Booking: Nov 17-Jun 30, 2024

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Frequently asked questions


Can children go to all theatres in London? 

Most West End shows are suitable for people aged 12 or older. Some productions might have material that is too mature for younger theatregoers. However, there are also fantastic family shows which are appropriate for all ages, or which are specifically aimed at kids – including shorter children’s shows with elements like puppetry and singalongs.

We have included the official production age recommendations with all of our London show picks on this page, but you can always consult the theatre in question for further information to ensure the show is suitable for your children. Find the best deals on London family shows at Telegraph Tickets.

Can I take a 1 or 2 year old to the theatre?

The majority of London theatre shows are aimed at kids from ages 3 upwards at least. The longer running times, and elements like busy lighting and sound design, plus more mature material, probably won’t suit 1 or 2 year olds. Most productions recommend that 3 year olds or older should attend.

However, there are some London plays and musicals for 1 or 2 year olds. For example, children’s theatres like the Polka Theatre, Half Moon Theatre, Unicorn Theatre and Little Angel Theatre host productions aimed at very young children, as well as fun interactive workshops. Find all the latest recommendations for London kids shows and more at Telegraph Theatre.

Are children booster seats available?

Some, though not all, theatres provide booster seats – for example, Nederlander theatres (which includes the Dominion Theatre, Aldwych Theatre and Adelphi Theatre) rent booster seats for £1 if you ask a member of staff. They also provide booster cushions, available on a first come, first served basis. Some venues will also have height restrictions so that patrons sitting behind you can still see. If you want to check ahead of time about booster seats, contact the theatre box office.

Is there storage available for my stroller?

That depends on whether the theatre has a cloakroom where you can store large items, like suitcases and strollers (usually for a small charge, around £1 or £2). This does vary across different venues, so it’s worth contacting the theatre ahead of time to check. In most cases, the cloakroom will open about 45 minutes before the show begins, and you can store items for the duration of the show.

Can I bring my own snacks and drinks into the the theatre?

Some theatres, especially in the West End, won’t allow you to bring your own snacks and drinks in, unless it’s something like a sealed bottle of water. That’s because they sell food and drink in the theatre and that’s part of how they bring in revenue. If you have concerns about dietary requirements, you can contact the theatre beforehand to make arrangements. Plus it’s part of the fun of a theatre outing, treating yourself and your kids to a drink or an interval ice cream.

Are there frequent breaks throughout the duration of a performance?

If it’s a show for a general audience, there will usually be one interval of around 15 minutes; really long shows might have two intervals. Very occasionally a show won’t have an interval at all. You can find that information on Telegraph Tickets and other booking or theatre websites, or check with the box office. Most shows designed specifically for younger audiences will have short running times, like an hour or less. However, if you need to exit the theatre more frequently, for example for a toilet break, child-friendly venues will tend to be more relaxed about that – perhaps try to book near the end of a row so you don’t disrupt other audience members when coming and going.

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