Sehar Hayat Full Biography, Age, Family, Husband, Ex-Boyfriend, and Income

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Sehar Hayat is a very beautiful and most famous personality on social media. She is very talented and hard working model as well as very good actress. She has huge talent to make TikTok videos. She started her acting to make videos TikTok platform. Here we are find out her age, education, height, hometown, Ex-Boyfriend, family, father, sisters, songs, Sehar Hayat Husband and other facts about her. Let us have a look at the biography of actress Sehar Hayat.

Sehar Hayat Biography

Sehar Hayat is a Pakistani very cute TikTok star who has almost 11 million followers on the TikTok app. She is most popular social media stars as well as very good actress in Pakistan. With almost 3 million followers on Instagram, she is one of the most popular Instagrammers. She has become famous overnight with her stunning appearance and superb acting skills in TikTok videos.

Sehar was born in Lahore.  She belongs to large family. Sehar has a lot of passion in dancing and acting, soon she will joined a showbiz industry.

Sehar started her journey on TikTok in 2019. Her dancing videos go viral over the nighty and she quickly gained a large number of fan following. Sehar Hayat most of the videos on comedy and lip-synching of different dialogue.

As a Tiktoker star, Sehar Hayat maintains a strong presence on social media as she continues to gain followers every day. She also shoot many fashion shows for different brands.

Table of Biography:

Title Description
Real Name Sehar Hayat
Nationality Pakistani
Date Of Birth August ,14, 1998
Age 25
Hometown Lahore , Pakistan
Marital Status Married
Husband Name Sami Rasheed
Wedding Date 13 December 2022
Education Master Degree
Religion Islam

Sehar Hayat Age:

Sehar Hayat was, born on 14 August 1998 in Karachi city of Pakistan, now she is 25 years old. She got married in 13 December 2022.


Sehar got her Master degree from Lahore.

Social Media Links:

Sehar joined Instagram platform in 2019. She has more than 1 million followers on Instagram account. She has shared her pictures and videos for her fan on it. Sehar hayat also make her own channel on YouTube platform. In her YouTube channel she share her daily life vlogs. Here are her accounts link below:

Sehar Hayat EX-Boyfriends:

In Paste Sehar hayat has two Ex-boyfriend. Sehar hayat always makes the social media lime light due to her boyfriend.

Ali Butt:-

Her first ex-boyfriend was Ali Butt. Here is the link to Ali’s TikTok account. Ali butt is a very famous TikTok star and is also very popular on YouTube. The reason she broke up was Ali is that he always disrespecting Sehar hayat on social media. So Sehar hayat decided to separate from Ali Butt. Here we share to Sehar Hayat and Ali butt pictures below.

Saif Khan:-

After the break up of Ali Butt. Sehar Hayat started her life again with Saif khan. He is also her ex-boyfriend now. Here is the link to Saif Khan TikTok account. Saif khan butt is a very famous TikTok star and is also very popular on YouTube. Saif khan share his daily life route on YouTube. The reason she broke up was Saif is that Sehar always disrespecting saif khan on social media. So saif khan decided to separate from sehar. saif khan has very rich background so that Sehar Hayat miss use of saif khan money. She make saif khan boyfriend so that she fulfill her wishes. Here we share to Sehar Hayat and saif khan pictures below.

Sehar Hayat Income:

Sehar Hayat is having very expensive cars collection, her income is changed day-by-day due to her projects and photoshoot. Here below, we share her least information about her income.

Title Description
Car Collection Hyundai Verna, Honda Civic, Toyota Cprolla
Bike Collection Yamaha YBR 125G
Mobile IPhone 12, IPhone 13 pro
No of House 3
Salary 0.3 million USD dollars
Net-Worth 0.7 million USD dollars
Income Source Modeling , acting and Advertisements

Body Calculation:

Sehar Hayat is very pretty for her look and fan are attractive due to her beautiful eyes and smile. Here we are shared her body measurement below:

Features Description
Height 5 ft. 4 inches
Weight 65 kg
Skin Color Fair
Eyes Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Tattoo No


Sehar Hayat was born in well-educated family. Her father name is unknown. She is living with her family in Lahore (Pakistan). Her father runs a business while her mother manages the household. There are two older sisters and two younger brothers in her family.

Table of Family Members:

Family members Description
Father Not Known his name
Mother Not Known her name
Brothers 2
Sisters 2

Sehar Hayat Husband:

Sami Rasheed and Sehar Hayat nikkah on 13 December 2022 in a private ceremony. She is celebrating 14 wedding function in her wedding. Sami is a Pakistani musician and lyricist who has released several singles on YouTube platform. Sami Rasheed wrote many songs for Pakistan. Her we share her wedding pictures:

Favourite hobbies and Things

Here, we try to find out her favorite hobbies and things like color, food, drinks, holiday destination place, and hobbies etc.

Favourite Things Description
Color Black & White
Food Coffee, Fruit Juice, Pizza, Ice Cream
Singer Jubin Nautiyal and sami Rasheed
Holiday Destination Place Lahore, London, Dubai, Karachi
Hobbies Gymming, Travelling , Shopping


Let’s, we talk about her career highlights. Sehar Hayat has been very passionate in acting. She started her career to make videos in TiKTok. Now, she is very trending on all social media platforms due to her viral video. She got success due to her excellent talent and passion of acting.


She shares her lots of her pictures and videos on her Instagram and TikTok Account for her follower. Have a look below:

Is anything you would like to add to her biography? Feel free to add a comment below and share with us her personal information. We will response your comments as soon as possible.


Q: What is the age of Sehar Hayat?

A: She was born onAugust ,14, 1998 in Pakistan city of Karachi. Now she is 25 years old.

Q: Who is Sehar Hayat?

A: She is very famous TikTok star. Now she is making YouTube video.

Q: How old Sehar Hayat?

A: she is 25 year old young girl.

Q: What is Sehar Hayat Father Name?

A: she is never like to share her father name on social media.

Q: what is Sehar Hayat Instagram account?

A: it is her Instagram account Instagram

Q: What is Sehar Hayat ex-boyfriend names?

Her first ex-boyfriend was Ali Butt. After the break up of Ali Butt. Sehar Hayat started her life again with Saif khan.

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