Janmashtami Baby Photoshoot: Mobile Photo Tips To Click High Quality Photos Of Kids

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Here's how to photograph your young ones this Krishna Janmashtami. (Photo by Vikram Nath Chouhan on Unsplash)

Here’s how to photograph your young ones this Krishna Janmashtami. (Photo by Vikram Nath Chouhan on Unsplash)

As Janmashtami festivities approach, many parents and schools will be dressing up their young ones as Lord Krishna. Here, you can find some of the best tips for capturing children in the best way possible.

As Krishna Janmashtami approaches, many are preparing to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna. As part of these celebrations, parents and schools often ask young ones to dress up as Lord Krishna and, of course, take photos and videos.

In this article, let us explore some of the best tips for capturing the best possible photographs of kids, babies, and the Janmashtami festival, at large.

Use Portrait Mode

Most smartphones nowadays come equipped with portrait mode, which can produce professional-looking images. So, this Janmashtami, when you are photographing your loved ones—be sure to use portrait mode. It will isolate the subject from the background and highlight them—making it ideal for capturing someone dressed as Lord Krishna.

Kids can move fast, so you have to be quick with them. (Photo by Pravin Rahangdale on Unsplash)

Kids Move Quickly, Use a Faster Shutter Speed

Regardless of whether you are using a dedicated camera or a phone, using a faster shutter speed will help you capture detailed and sharp photographs of children. Kids tend to move quickly and have little patience when being photographed. Therefore, access your camera or phone’s manual settings and choose a shutter speed of 1/200 or faster. If you phone doesn’t have a manual mode, you can simply use the bust shutter to click multiple photos of you kid, so that the moment is not missed.

Use Natural Light and Shoot In Natural Surroundings 

Lord Krishna is associated with a love for nature and the gifts it provides to humanity, such as the famous foods like ‘makkhan’ and being in the great outdoors. While taking photos and shooting videos—try to do so in a natural setting—like a park or a well-lit area in your home.

When framing your subject, ensure they are not facing the sun to prevent overexposure and achieve a more pleasing image.

Additionally, Lord Krishna is often depicted playing amidst the beauty of nature, particularly among trees. Therefore—if you are photographing a child—consider taking them to a nearby park or a location with ample trees and filtered light. This will elevate your image from being good to truly great.

Pay Attention to Props and Background

As with most forms of photography and content creation, it’s not just about technical camera settings; set design and location play an important role. When photographing a baby dressed in Lord Krishna’s attire, try using interesting props like a bowl filled with white butter or a flute. And, don’t forget to include peacock feathers for a Janmashtami photoshoot. So, experiment with all sorts of playful props—and yes—a little makeup will always make your photos better. But remember—when photographing a baby—only use natural contents as makeup. 

We wish you a happy Krishna Janmashtami!

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