IELTS Student, PDS Shop, Gym Trainer, Smart Classes: How BharatNet Pilot Project Transformed Lives

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The BharatNet pilot project was launched almost a year ago, under which the central government brought optical fibre connection in rural parts of India while deploying a strategic model and involving Udyamies or a person from each village in a 50-50 partnership with the authorities.

According to officials, the pilot was not only a massive success but also highlighted how the people of rural India embraced technology with ease.

Here are some success stories of the BharatNet pilot project:

Fatehabad, Haryana

In Fatehabad town of Haryana, the BharatNet project has brought about remarkable changes, touching lives in meaningful ways. During the pilot phase, a student in one household found immense benefit in preparing for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) using BharatNet’s high-speed internet. By harnessing the power of BharatNet, the family saved a substantial Rs 1,000 per month, as the student no longer had to travel to a distant city for test preparations.

In the same area, a path lab has experienced a revolutionary shift in how it operates. Connected to medical experts globally through BharatNet, the facility now shares reports for further consultation, receiving expert inputs to guide patients’ healthcare decisions. This integration of cutting-edge technology with medical expertise has elevated healthcare standards in the region.


A public distribution system (PDS) shop in a town in Gujarat had its fortunes transformed by BharatNet. Previously, using a dongle resulted in frustratingly slow internet speeds leading to long queues and delays. Since adopting BharatNet’s services, however, the shop experienced an impressive ease of doing business, including swift payment transfers. The newfound efficiency has not only benefited the shop owner but also delighted customers with seamless service.

Jaroda village, Muzaffarnagar

BharatNet has transcended geographical barriers in the peaceful village of Jaroda in Muzaffarnagar. A fitness enthusiast, who also happens to be a gym trainer, utilised BharatNet to extend his services to a broader audience. Through the power of online training, he now guides and motivates fitness enthusiasts from different parts of the country. He has established himself as a sought-after fitness mentor.

Betul, Madhya Pradesh

The impact of BharatNet has reached the educational realm in Betul, Madhya Pradesh. Here, the state government set up a smart classroom powered by BharatNet, revolutionising the learning experience for students. With access to high-speed internet and advanced learning resources, students can now explore a world of knowledge, fostering academic growth and development.

East Sikkim

In the remote corners of East Sikkim, the dream of connectivity has been realised through BharatNet services offered via the gram panchayat. This has opened up new avenues of information, knowledge and communication for the locals, bridging the digital divide and empowering the community.

Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh

In Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh, a poultry farm owner embraced the potential of BharatNet to revolutionise his business. By conducting real-time video-based consultations with veterinary doctors, he ensures the well-being of his birds and has even extended these services to assist others in optimising poultry health.

Agiaon, Bihar

A banking correspondent of Punjab National Bank in Agiaon, Bihar, witnessed an astonishing transformation in his business after integrating BharatNet. From serving a mere three to four daily customers, the number skyrocketed to an impressive 100 to 150 daily, a testament to the efficiency and accessibility provided by BharatNet.

Ashoknagar, Madhya Pradesh

In Ashoknagar, Madhya Pradesh, an anganwadi centre has embraced the digital revolution through BharatNet services. By conducting daily work online, the centre has streamlined its operations and improved the delivery of essential services to the community.

Ministry officials said, the success stories of BharatNet exemplify how a visionary initiative can truly empower citizens, bridge gaps and foster progress across the nation. These tales of transformation prove that by providing access to quality internet services, the government can uplift communities, spur economic growth, and pave the way for a digitally inclusive and prosperous India.

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