Google Chrome’s New Feature Makes It Easy To Copy Video Frames: How It Works

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Grabbing frame grabs from videos is getting easier. (Image: Google)

Grabbing frame grabs from videos is getting easier. (Image: Google)

Google is making capturing video frames easier for Chromium-based browsers. Here’s how the new feature works.

There must have been many times when you wanted to screenshot a frame from a video but had to go through a multistep process that involves taking screenshots, cropping out the extra webpage or progress bar, and then saving it. However, Google’s new shortcut now lets users easily copy a frame from a video by just right-clicking on a video and then copying the exact frame.

Google revealed the new feature in a new ‘The Keyword’ post titled ‘5 Chrome tips for college students.’ Google says that this feature would improve the frame copying process—especially for students who might wish to copy the exact frame from a video lecture without ruining the original quality.

“Available starting today, you can pause anywhere in a video that’s playing in Chrome and get a clean copy of the exact frame you want,” Google said. “Just right-click in the video and select ‘Copy Video Frame,’” it added.

The copied video frame would then be copied to your clipboard—and after that—you should ideally be able to paste it in any compatible app of your choice like Google Keep, Apple Notes, or even Adobe Photoshop.

As noted, the feature is said to be already rolling out for all users, but at the time of writing this, we don’t have access to it just yet—neither on Chrome for Mac nor Windows. So, it could be possible that this is a staged rollout but should be available for everyone soon.

As per Engadget, the feature is said to work on all Chromium-based web browsers, not just Google Chrome, and it could be possible that the feature may not work with some video services—especially streaming services that may prohibit users from copying their content.

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